Friend / inspiration / collaborator Nicole Jahraus and I set out to have a sauna on Wreck Beach in the middle of winter.

On this first draft, we explored portability through folding: we needed a regular polyhedron with the right balance between edge length and number of faces, settling on a rhombic triacontahedron.

don't forget to sweat

After cutting up a stack of corrugated plastic, birch veneer, raw cotton, and reflective mylar, we got messy with natural indigo dye and wax waterproofing treatment. Integral cloth hinges and velcro joined the strips of panels, and LEDs backlit the veneer.

In the end, the folding makes deconstruction easier than construction, but with a little help from some friends (and hot rocks) we ended up sweating in a self-supporting sauna dome.

Click through the photos for notes on the build.